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The Most Common Garage Door Problems 

What if the Opener Controls Malfunction?

What if the Opener Controls Malfunction?When the clicker doesn’t work, the first thing to do is to check if you can start the motor with the other controls. If they work just fine, the issue must be with this particular device. Replacing the battery is the primary troubleshooting step to take. If this doesn’t help, then the clicker will need repair or replacement. Remember that programming is required to get a new remote to work with the opener.

In case none of the controls work to start the opener, then the issue must be more serious. Plug another appliance in the electrical outlet for the motor to confirm that the power supply is fine. If this is the case, then the problem may be with the wiring, circuit board or the motor itself. In either of these cases, the solution typically involves replacing the component. When you use the remote and the motor starts working smoothly, but doesn’t lift the door, you most certainly have either a broken spring or a broken trolley. Replacing the component entirely is the only solution.

Spot Your Garage Door Issue with Tracks

Did you know that these components can suffer from a wide range of problems? This is because of their design. It is not uncommon for the tracks to get obstructed by pebbles. Careful removal while the door is opened and disconnected from the opener will solve the problem. If the door is cocked because of sticky dirt and debris stuck inside the tracks, timely cleaning is essential. It is best to use a brake cleaner or a mild solvent. Remember that only metal rollers, not the tracks, need lubrication maintenance.

If the door shakes during opening and closing, the vertical and horizontal sections of one or both tracks could be misaligned. It’s important to tighten the bolts properly after adjusting the section. Damaged, rusty and missing bolts have to be replaced straight away. In case of a bent track, the door can get jammed. When the bending is small, repair will solve the problem completely. If the component is close to breaking, replacing it will be the only possible solution. If you find the garage door off track, you should know that this issue is extremely serious. Don’t attempt to adjust the door as things may get a lot worse. The problem is typically caused by a broken cable which has to be replaced first.

Dealing Effectively with Rusty Parts

Even though modern overhead door hardware is made from galvanized steel, which is resistant to rust, this problem can still occur. Surprisingly or not, the tracks are most vulnerable. This is because their bottom ends touch the floor. When road salt or damaging driveway cleaner get into contact with these components, they damage the protective coating over the steel and corrosion begins. Timely repair is essential in this case. If the process continues, the tracks will have to be replaced.

The bottom panel of the steel door is also at a higher risk of getting rust because of the very same reasons. It can be protected in two effective ways. If it is painted with exterior-grade paint, it will be much less likely to suffer from rust. Regular repainting is important. You can do it once a year or every couple of years. The door must have a high-quality bottom seal too. It should be made from vinyl or rubber to do a good job. It is best if it is attached with an aluminum retainer rather than with some kind of adhesive which wouldn’t last long. 

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