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Here you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about garage doors, their various parts, and the potential issues these complex systems can suffer from.

Steel is the cheapest material, so a steel door would generally be the cheapest to repair. Hardwood doors are usually the most expensive to repair since they’re often finished or painted which has to be taken into consideration. Aluminum may be the most expensive material but they usually don’t cost as much as hardwood to repair.
The most common type of garage door in the United States is the pull-up sectional door comprising multiple horizontal panels connected via hinges. There are rollers on both sides of the panels that glide on two parallel tracks. The door opens up and over, either manually or by electric power.
If you have a sectional garage door, then no. You don't have to replace the entire door. The great thing about sectional doors is that when a panel gets broken or dented, the rest of the door remains intact. Damaged panels can be easily replaced with compatible parts. However, if your door isn't sectional, whether you'll have to replace it or not depends on the severity of the dent. Contact our professional technicians and have them take a look.

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