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A garage door that just won’t budge is a real problem. When you’ve got to get to work in a hurry, or you’re setting off on that dream vacation, the last thing you’ll want is for your car to be caged by an unmoving door. At Garage Door Repair Huntington Beach, we understand how important it is to keep your system in an optimal condition. A major part of that is making sure its springs are in a perfect shape.

Replacing Them Before They Snap

Over time, the springs which open and close your garage door will inevitably begin to degrade. The immense strain these components experience every time they’re used eventually weakens them, and makes them requires professional attention. Some warning signs to watch out for are a wobbly, squeaky or slow-moving door. If you experience any of those, your springs may need to be replaced. Don’t try to do this by yourself; these components can potentially harm anyone nearby, and must only be handled by trained professionals.

Professional Maintenance

When a spring reaches the end of its working life it needs to be switched out as quickly as possible. If the old one is left in place, it eventually degrades to the point of total failure, which can be catastrophic; the spring itself snaps, dropping both the counterweight and the garage door. This alone is dangerous enough, but the sudden release of tension can also make the broken spring whip around and potentially injure anyone nearby. Because of this it’s wise to have your garage door springs checked and lubricated on a regular basis, and for aging ones to be replaced with tough, modern, corrosion-resistant ones.

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